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The Kalimba has been around for centuries and it just keeps getting better. At the house of Pawpaw, we are dedicated to improving the experience of playing this instrument. We have some new modern innovations that will make your experience of kalimba more pleasant, more musical and simply better!

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The instrument anyone can play

The kalimba is a magnificent instrument accessible to all.
It easily produces beautiful melodies, but has endless nuance and complexity. It has been called a "dream machine" for its ability to invoke a wide range of emotions, and for its simplicity. The kalimba is often the instrument of choice for meditation, prayer rituals, healing circles, small children and even pets!

A true travel companion

A true travel companion, the kalimba, also called "thumb piano", "mbira" "sansula" "marimba", captivates with its wonderful sounds, small size and aesthetics.

Of African origin, this small musical instrument has crossed borders and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, America and Asia. Treasure to discover in Switzerland, the kalimba will cause a sensation to all musicians and listeners.


💬 I want to start the Kalimba. Is this an instrument made for me?

Surely !

Because the kalimba is a musical instrument used in Africa for many centuries, playing it is fascinating and easy.

This original African instrument is a modern invention that makes it easy to write and play your own music. It can be easily carried on your travels.

Listening to the unique, soothing and gentle tones of the kalimba will make you feel calm and serene as soon as you start playing it. You can follow the tablature of popular songs or even compose your own songs while practicing.

To learn more, follow our Learn Kalimba or use our Tabs

NOTE: When placing an order, you can check the box "subscribe to the blog Pawpaw", you will receive more than 300 tablatures and sheet music of popular songs at Kalimba by email.

💬 I want to give it as a gift. Is it suitable for children and adults?

It's a gift that's sure to please, and you'll be able to use it for years to come.

This kalimba portable has been used by children to encourage musical development, while adults have used it to quiet the mind, relieve stress and connect to their creative side.

You will find its soft tones both soothing and exciting. It delivers rich, flawless sound, and its compact size makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go training. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. An instrument you will never tire of!

In addition, a kit is included with each Pawpaw. Take advantage today!

💬 I can use the Kalimba for my meditation sessions?

The kalimba is an instrument with wonderful sounds that accompanies you during your meditation sessions.

La kalimba creates a repetitive, hypnotic sound that can help you get in tune with nature, as well as your soul.

The gentle rhythms it produces reduce stress and anxiety, soothe depression, improve concentration and purify the soul.

Let this instrument accompany you as you meditate.

🗿 Which model do you recommend? Kalimba hollow or flat

Each of our instruments use our high quality Keys. The shape of the instrument, such as hollow or flat wood, will create a different sound.

- Hollow Models:
The sound is clear and powerful. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play or meditation sessions.

- Flat Models:
The sound is clear and the power is balanced between bass and treble. Dense wood keeps the note longer. Perfect for meditation sessions and recording sessions.

A video of the instrument is available on its product page.

🗿Choose one Kalimba 17 or 21 keys?

It's entirely up to your taste!

The 21 reed models have 4 more notes in the center of the instrument. That is to say, you will have more low notes to create complex melodies or reach lower frequencies for meditation.

A wooden stand by kalimba is added during the preparation of the order from 2 purchased. Why not try both?

🗿Where to buy one Kalimba at the store?

Our warehouse in Lausanne is not available for viewing. However, some models Pawpaw will see the light of day in stores in several cities in Switzerland by next year (2023).

Take advantage of free delivery in the meantime!

🗿 It's "the" or "the" Kalimba? (french/german)

La kalimba is a musical instrument that has been used for musical entertainment, religious ceremonies and peaceful meditation by the people of Africa.

Its origins date back to the 15th century BC, with several tribes from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Since the name is not original, "le" and "la" can be used.

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Tablature Kalimba example
Learn Kalimba

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Start on Kalimba - Easy to learn instrument - Pawpaw™
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Starting your Kalimba journey - The Easy instrument to learn

illustrations tuning notes kalimba at 17, 8 and 21 keys and the gstrings tuning app
Learn Kalimba

Tuning a Kalimba with 8, 17 and 21 Keys

Tabs Kalimba

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🧡Note: A file with more than 300 modern tablatures and sheet music is sent to you by email after placing an order.
Kalimba you are my sunshine Tab

You are my Sunshine - Jimmie Davis - Kalimba Illustrated tab

Cannon in D - Kalimba tab tutorial

Canon in D - Pachelbel - Tablature for Kalimba

River Flows in you by Yiruma - Tablature for Kalimba - Pawpaw™

River Flows in you by Yiruma - Tablature for Kalimba


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