Kalimba 21 Lames Pawpaw™ | Black Walnut - Pawpaw™
Kalimba 21 Lames Pawpaw™ | Black Walnut - Pawpaw™
Kalimba 21 Lames Pawpaw™ | Black Walnut - Pawpaw™
In Stock - Limited Edition

Kalimba 21 keys Pawpaw™ | black walnut

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(I.e. Each Kalimba includes 1 wooden support from 2 Kalimbas ordered!
Added when packaging is ready.

Handcrafted. Each instrument is unique. Light instrument.

Model : Black Walnut "21KBW" Pawpaw™
Kit Included: Yes - Travel Kit
Dark Walnut
blades Pawpaw: 20mm - Durable & Powerful. High carbon steel.
Etched & Curved.

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Kalimba 21 Lames Pawpaw™ | Black Walnut - Pawpaw™

Kalimba 21 keys Pawpaw™ | black walnut

119.90.- 129.90.-
💧 I want to start the Kalimba.

Because the kalimba is a musical instrument used in Africa for many centuries, playing it is fascinating and easy.

This original African instrument is a modern invention that makes it easy to write and play your own music. It can be easily carried on your travels.

Listening to the unique, soothing and gentle tones of the kalimba will make you feel calm and serene as soon as you start playing it. You can follow the tablature of popular songs or even compose your own songs while practicing.

To learn more, follow our Learn Kalimba or use our Tabs.

Start your adventure with a Kalimba Pawpaw from today !

💧 I want to give it as a gift. Is it suitable for children and adults?

It's a gift that's sure to please, and you'll be able to use it for years to come.

This kalimba portable has been used by children to encourage musical development, while adults have used it to quiet the mind, relieve stress and connect to their creative side.

You will find its soft tones both soothing and exciting. It delivers rich, flawless sound, and its compact size makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go training. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. An instrument you will never tire of!

Discover or introduce people to this magical-sounding instrument thanks to the unique Pawpaw !

💧 I can use the Kalimba for my meditation sessions?

The kalimba is an instrument with wonderful sounds that accompanies you during your meditation sessions.

La kalimba creates a repetitive, hypnotic sound that can help you get in tune with nature, as well as your soul.

The gentle rhythms it produces reduce stress and anxiety, soothe depression, improve concentration and purify the soul.

Let this instrument accompany you as you meditate.


Each Kalimba is handmade with care to capture the quality that makes it fine. 


A Swiss chocolate bar is a divine delight, rich in flavors and aromas of nougat, caramel and milk chocolate.

Pawpaw reproduced this tantalizing experience with his instrument Kalimba 21K, combining 21 tones that reproduce the experience of biting into real chocolate.

Kalimba 21 Walnut wood blades

This model of Kalimba Pawpaw™ 21-blade blade is meticulously crafted to appeal to musicians young and old alike looking for a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and clear-sounding instrument.

With its sturdy body and powerful blades Pawpaw™, this limited-edition bird signature is a delight for producing clear, heartfelt melodies.

The tones of the musical instrument are crisp and clear and provide a unique sound.


The Traveler Kit is included as a gift 😊

Traveler Kit:
  • Bag Kalimba - Premium shock protection
  • Tuning Tool - Essential to easily tune your Kalimba
  • Manual with illustrations - in English only. (Soon V2 in French, German and English. It will be available to old and new musicians Pawpaw.)
    Visit our blog to learn!
  • Red slat labels
    The notes are already engraved, but it can help you anyway. 
  • Cloth bag - Compact and light to take with you.

 Now available for purchase. Order today and have it delivered within 2-4 days for free!

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Dylan T.
Switzerland Switzerland


Le tout est superbe merci

Switzerland Switzerland

Tout est parfait merci

Je l'ai reçu un peu **** pour l'anniversaire de ma fille, mais l'attente en valait le coup. Très joli instrument et super agréable à écouter ! Toutes les notes sonnent clair.

Josiana M.
Switzerland Switzerland

Contente. L'instrument est très beau

Si j'avais pris plus de temps avant de commander, j'aurais peut-être pris un 17 lames, car étant novice, je me rends compte qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de tablatures pour les 21 lames et que les partitions ne sont pas pour les débutantes comme moi,

Pawpaw™ Kalimba 21 Lames Pawpaw™ | Black Walnut Review


Bonjour Josiane, Les 4 notes en plus sur les Kalimbas 21 touches sont rajoutées au centre de l'instrument. Pour facilement lire les tablatures, vous pouvez ignorer ces notes pour l'instant, et même marquer la D et la C avec les bandes rouges qui viennent avec les accessoires pour vous aider à la lecture des tablatures et ainsi vous habituer plus facilement. Je vous joins une image pour vous montrer la différence entre les modèles 8, 17 et 21 lames, pour que ce soit plus facile pour lire des tabs :) Ces 4 notes sont très utiles une fois que vous vous habituez au Kalimba. Elles permettent des mélodies et accords plus complexes, d'ajouter des rythmes ou même des basses dans vos morceaux ou improvisations. Et merci beaucoup pour votre retour et remarque. On va rajouter ces informations sur le site pour que ce soit plus clair! N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour toute question à dylan@pawpaw.ch Bonne semaine, Dylan


Characteristics of the Kalimba 21 keys Pawpaw™ | black walnut

Handcrafted by artisans in the province of Shenzhen, China, using quality materials.

Wood: Dark Walnut

Name & SKU: Black Walnut "21KBW" Pawpaw™
Number of blades: 21 Notes
Kit Included: Travel

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What makes the Kalimba Pawpaw™ 

Our Musical Instruments

The quality foundation of our instruments comes from the wood and the curved shape of the blades we use.

The kalimbas are made of acacia wood with properties sought after by musicians, such as good looks, sturdy strength and optimum acoustic resonance. 

The Keys Pawpaw™ are made from high carbon steel. Durable, the notes resonate in the body of the wood in a clear and organic way.

The shape of the tips is slightly curved, reducing the impact of the nails (no buzz) and making slipped or plucked chords very pleasant to play.

By playing our musical instruments, you are using a durable, precise and simply beautiful musician's tool.