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✔ Comfy to start with

Even without prior knowledge, our Kalimbas are very easy to learn, the handling feels natural.

Each blade is carved with its note to facilitate reading and learning. Beginners can have limitless fun just by following the tablatures of their favorite songs.

These Tines are made of high carbon steel, with a curve adapted to your strokes to shine a powerful sound while playing fluidly. Uniquely made for a soothing music as much as magical.

Kalimba 17 Keys

The musical instrument made for everyone to enjoy.

Formerly native to African regions, the Kalimba is an intuitive little wooden piano that is played with the thumbs.

Try to create a melody after a few minutes!

💛 The Starter Kit is included as a gift

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Wooden Kalimba Stand

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Kalimba 17 Keys Pawpaw™ | Capucine

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Kalimba 17 Electroacoustic Keys Pawpaw™ | Capucine


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  • Kalimba 10 Keys
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    Kalimba 17 lames Papillon Pawpaw

    Musical instruments Pawpaw™

    The essence of a good Kalimba, is the wood!

    Handcrafted with a dense wood, matured between 5 to 8 years for its size and grain. A pampered wood, worked with passion, to derive maximum resonance.

    The blades are in high carbon steel, with a unique curved design to produce a more harmonious sound and facilitate tuning. All this gives your small wooden pianos ideal playing comfort.

    With our more than 4 years of research and development, our luthiers produce your kalimbas from the province of Shenzhen in China, always in a constant thoroughness of a job well done and of quality. Our finishes and engravings complete the aesthetic part of the kalimba, making our musical instruments both visual and auditory pleasure. 

    As you will have understood, we make it a point of honor to offer you durable musical instruments, made with care in quality materials, at low prices.You just have to choose yours!

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