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Pawpaw Kalimba électroacoustique - Les oiseaux - Golden Apple Acacia - Pawpaw
Kalimba électrique 17 lames - Golden Acacia
Kalimba électrique 17 lames - Golden Acacia
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    Kalimba electric 17 blades - Golden Acacia

    2 Reviews

      Kalimba for amateurs and professionals
      Whether you have never made music or are a musician who wants to incorporate this instrument of African origin then our instruments are perfect for you! Made with acacia wood and curved carbon rich steel blades.

      Our instruments come with a small user manual (in English, but 95% illustrations) in order to tune and maintain its kalimba as well as several tabs for beginners! A perfect gift for yourself or to offer. 

      Cependant, le kalimba does not require any music theory, it is a relaxing instrument which is made to be played on "feeling", take yours and start creating your music!

      - Kalimba Electric 17 Keys in Acacia wood and blades pawpaw
      - Starter kit (manual en english, wipes)
      - Red slat labels 
      - fabric transport bag
      - Tuning hammer


      Price differences depending on the model
      We have received a lot of questions regarding the price difference between models (Classic - Classic) and between models (Classic - electroacoustic).

      As for the difference between (electro-acoustic) is that the electro-acoustic version has vibration microphones to be able to play on an amp. You can plug in your kalimba to a delay or reverb pedal on your amp!

      As for the finish (classic - classic) it will depend on the time spent on the application and the cost of the product itself. We only work with quality products.


      Plant trees, noting them kalimbas


       Does your kalimba do you like?
      We are already offsetting our footprint and yours on our Pro-Clima shipments, but if you have 2 minutes to give us your opinion, we will take the opportunity to plant two trees for the planet in exchange for your time.

      The tree "Indian Bay Leaf" from its Latin name "Cinnamomum tamala" has a lifespan of about 100 years and compensates 3kg of CO2 per year for 20 years. Two of these trees will offset 120kg of CO2 over the course of its natural life.

      Your opinion is very important to us ☺️ we hope to receive your feedback!

      Thank you

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      Bon bois mais défaut au niveau de pickup

      La sorte de capote du pickup semble se deviser de temps à autre, ce qui fait un bruit très buzz quand je joue. J'ai du mettre une petite goûte de colle et plus aucun pb.


      Merci de nous avoir prévenu. Oui c'est une petite erreur qui est passée sous nos yeux, le problème est désormais réglé. Merci pour votre attention et de nous avoir choisi comme fournisseur de kalimba en suisse :) Bon week-end, Dylan


      très bon

      Aucune deadtine! le son est juste superbe. le seul bémol c'est le manuel qui n'est pas en français mais sinon tout est super joli, le kalimba à une couleur plus doré en vrai ce qui est magnifique au soleil