Jobs/Freelance Jobs

Some freelance/part-time positions are available and can be viewed on this page. For any information or contact, please write to 

Note: All positions are available 100% remote. We are mainly looking for freelancers from France, Switzerland and Germany.


Typical profile sought: 

  • Years of experience in the field
  • Professional studies AND/OR competent self-taught
  • autonomous

Please attach your portfolio and/or CV and/or an example of what you can do. For writing, for example, take a product page from our site and write a short, concise paragraph with an appropriate style.



🏵Writer/Copywriter in French (native language) (M/F)
For e-commerce/marketing copywriting

To write concisely and friendly our product pages, landing pages, email newsletters and advertising text to increase the conversion rate.


🏵 WEB SEO editor in French (native language) (M/F)
For Blog, Manuals, Tutorials

To write SEO content, inbound marketing etc. Looking for an independent and competent writer in the field. To increase brand awareness and make organic sales.


🏵Writer/Copywriter Translator in German (native language) (M/F)
To translate, correct and make the text "organically" readable for the reader.

It doesn't have to be a bland, literal translation. You have to adapt the style well in your mother tongue. 


🏵Lifestyle Photographer (M/F)
To take photos for the e-commerce site + for Marketing

A sense of designer is sought. 



🏵Design Pattern Kalimba (H/F)
To design the next pattern on our Kalimbas

A sense of designer is sought. "Competition" remuneration 200.- CHF if the design is accepted. Contact us for templates!



Good pay per hour or according to the task. please contact