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Kalimba 17 Lames Pawpaw™ | Papillon Comfy
Kalimba Kit Starter débutant Pawpaw
Kalimba 17 Lames papillon pawpaw tenu en main
Kalimba en bois 17 lames photo réelle
Kalimba Electroacoustique Pawpaw

    Kalimba 17 Keys Pawpaw™ | Butterfly

    67.- 76.-
    8 Reviews

      Kalimba 17 Butterfly Blades - For an Extra Comfy outfit


      The butterfly. The adaptation of the traditional to the comfy pads.

      This Comfy model has a cut harmonizing the handling of the Kalimba. 

      Its exceptional sound linked to comfort increased makes Kalimba Pawpaw™ Butterfly a remarkable model for long playing sessions. Producing a scarlet and magical sound so sought after by musicians, children and adults alike, with an optimal experience.  

      The instrument is tuned by default in the most widely used scale in the world, C Major (Do). With this range, the notes you play cannot sound out of tune. And it is very easy to find your favorite song's tab on Kalimba. 

      Each Pawpaw™ Key has an engraved note, making it easier to read and memorize while you play, and making learning your favorite music very easy with tabs.

      Thus, you enjoy a simply exciting musical experience.  



      Discover now the Kalimba with a Starter Kit as a gift

      What is needed for your instrument is included as a gift with any Pawpaw™ you chose.

      Starter Kit:

      • Tuning Tool - Essential to easily tune your Kalimba
      • Manual with illustrations - in English only.
        Visit our blog to learn!
      • Red slat labels
        The notes are already engraved, but it can help you anyway. 
      • Cloth bag - Compact and light to take with you.



      What makes the Kalimba Pawpaw™ 

      The quality foundation of our instruments comes from the wood and the curved shape of the blades we use.

      The kalimbas are made of acacia wood with properties sought after by musicians, such as good looks, sturdy strength and optimum acoustic resonance. 

      The blades Pawpaw™ are made from high carbon steel. Durable, the notes resonate in the body of the wood in a clear and organic way.

      The shape of the tips is slightly curved, reducing the impact of the nails (no buzz) and making slipped or plucked chords very pleasant to play.

      By playing our musical instruments, you are using a durable, precise and simply beautiful musician's tool.



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      very happy with this kalimba

      I am satisfied with the item I received. With quick delivery and pretty packaging, the kalimba looks very sturdy and sounds even better. It's not the first kalimba I have played, but it's definitely my favorite. The design is perfectly craved into the wood and the keys are of much better quality than any other kalimba I have tried, smoother tips and they seem to be like 1.5x thicker than the average, making the perfect middle ground between cristal clear sound and soft, woody resonance. They feel very sturdy and no dead tine too. In my opinion, the price is more than fair for this kind of quality. I wanted to review it before giving it to my little sister next week. She will definetly love it as she started playing piano a few weeks ago. Anyways, I'm going to take one for myself too lol.

      Arlette A.
      Switzerland Switzerland


      Les enfants sont ravit.


      alles gut

      love it :)


      Die Kalimba ist ganz wunderbar.

      Die Kalimba ist robust und klingt wunderbar beruhigend. Durch die mitgelieferten und selbst angebrachten Aufkleber findet man die gesuchten Noten schnell.


      reçu très vite super cool

      super qualité merci l'équipe