Pawpaw Kalimba "Zebra" 17 Notes - Précommande Prix Exclusif - Pawpaw™
In Stock around the beginning of October

Pawpaw Kalimba "Zebra" 17 Notes - Preorder

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✔ Available in early October 2022. (estimate).

You can add 2 wooden supports if you order 2 Kalimbas. It's offered!

📃 Learn easily with Pawpaw - Easy Guides & Tutorials

🧡 Over 300 Tabs & Sheet Music of popular songs to simply play the Kalimba. (Sent by email)

🎁 all you need to learn, tune, maintain and transport your Kalimba is included free with your set Travel

Very good price/performance ratio.
Hand-worked Zebrano body
The notes are engraved on the Keys to facilitate learning.
Durable and soft to the touch, yet powerful and clear Keys deliver the crystal clear, fairytale sound of Pawpaw.

Model : Z17K
Kit Included: Kit Travel Wood: Zebrano
Satisfaction back on 45 Days
Guarantee: 7 Years

Pawpaw Kalimba "Zebra" 17 Notes - Précommande Prix Exclusif - Pawpaw™

Pawpaw Kalimba "Zebra" 17 Notes - Preorder



💬 I want to start the Kalimba.

Because the kalimba is a musical instrument created to be easy to handle, playing it is fascinating and easy.

This instrument of African origin is a modern invention that makes it easy to write and play your own music. It can be easily carried on your travels.

Listening to the unique, soothing and gentle tones of the kalimba will make you feel calm and serene as soon as you start playing it. You can follow the tablature of popular songs or even compose your own songs while practicing. You receive hundreds of tablatures and sheet music by following our blog for free when ordering.

To comfortably start this new instrument, a Kit is included free of charge with each Kalimba Pawpaw. Easy beginnings!

💬 I want to give it as a gift. Is it suitable for children and adults?

It's a gift that's sure to please, and you'll be able to use it for years to come.

This kalimba portable has been used by children to encourage musical development, while adults have used it to quiet the mind, relieve stress and connect to their creative side.

You will find its soft tones both soothing and exciting. It delivers rich, flawless sound, and its compact size makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go training. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones. An instrument you will never tire of!

Discover or introduce people to this magical-sounding instrument thanks to the unique Pawpaw !

💬 I can use the Kalimba for my meditation sessions?

The kalimba is an instrument with wonderful sounds that accompanies you during your meditation sessions.

La kalimba creates a repetitive, hypnotic sound that can help you get in tune with nature, as well as your soul.

The gentle rhythms it produces reduce stress and anxiety, soothe depression, improve concentration and purify the soul.

Let this instrument accompany you as you meditate.

📄 Description

This Kalimba is on pre-order. It will be available in only 2-4 weeks!

The price will never be so low for this model on !

What are its unique traits?

This Kalimba is made of Zebrano wood, or "Zebrawood". This wood, more malleable than walnut, produces full resonances with deep bass tones. 

Zebrano is an atypical wood that offers a unique profile in the world of Kalimba.

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Characteristics of the Pawpaw Kalimba "Zebra" 17 Notes - Preorder

Handcrafted by artisans in the province of Shenzhen, China, using quality materials.

Wood: Zebrano

Name & SKU: Z17K
Number of Keys: 17 Notes
Kit Included: Travel

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